Precision agriculture in the desert

MODULAR thrives in the harsh conditions of desert agriculture by breaking up a complex system into small modules that can help automating crop care.

Enable precision agriculture meter by meter

Our offer to the industry is the ability to install precision agriculture systems –in conditions of poor connectivity, unstable electricity, high salinity and thermal fluctuation, among others– with ease and at a competitive price.

What is MODULAR?

MODULAR by Ancestral Tech® is a technology that allows to build different solutions for precision agriculture. It has been specially developed to thrive in the harsh desert.

MODULAR is the LEGO® of desert agriculture: there are modules that are used to capture data from different sensors, modules to control actions of valves, pumps, heaters, etc., and modules to provide stable power. MODULAR can be connected to sensors and accessories from the most popular brands in the industry.

Why «precision agriculture by square meter»?

Our small and portable blocks allow us to implement precision agriculture in confined spaces with a lack of connectivity, electrical stability nor stable infrastructure; making maintenance of the solution quick and easy.

We can provide different types of resolution in data and control, according to the specific needs of the agricultural scenario.


You don’t need heavy infrastructure to install MODULAR. The modules are so light and small that any plastic tie or wire will work to fix it to the structure.  

Energy resilient

Our power module can be charged from any source – traditional or renewable – and provides stable power to the rest of the modules.

Works with and without internet

Whether you have a good, little or no internet connection, the data can be stored in the cloud and locallyand also the control rules and irrigation programs!

Adaptable and scalable

The modules can function as sensor receivers and action triggers. If your farming needs change on the fly, so can the system.

Periodic Data

Automatic periodic reports can be scheduled, showing KPIs that indicate that the agricultural project remains healthy.

ANCESTRAL® TECHNOLOGIES is working with industry leaders in remote/extreme environments such as 

El uso de MODULAR nos ha ayudado a aumentar de manera significativa la eficiencia y precision del invernadero, permitiendo obtener información continua y a la mano para la toma de decisiones en nuestros proyectos. Al mismo tiempo, nos ha permitido manejar y modular la data para analisis posteriores y mejoras continuas en puntos críticos para el cultivo.

Henry Cárcamo

Project Manager, Syngenta Chile.

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