Smart irrigation designed for the desert

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Why is MODULAR the perfect deal for your greenhouse in the desert?


MODULAR is one of the fastest ways to implement precision agriculture in remote areas –like desert– because…

  • …it uses small and light modules to create the solution you need at the moment. The modules can be shipped over any post system.
  • …it does not need heavy tutorials, special tools nor heavy infrastructure for the installment and set-up.
  • …it is capable to integrate the most trusted and used 3rd party brands of the industry (probes, pumps, valves, etc.).


MODULAR is one of the most reliable ways to collect data and control processes inside your remote greenhouse, because…

  • …it manages to collect data and work, even when the connectivity is weak. When the connection is stable, it syncs back up.
  • …it’s resilient against bad energy quality and can be powered by several different alternative sources.
  • …if any part of the solution breaks, we can quickly provide you a new module… and the replacement will be seamless.

Build your custom solution using the modules and accessories (temperature probes, humidity sensors, pumps, valves, etc).

Access all the data from anywhere in the world in a central, unified platform. If you don’t have access to internet, all data will be stored locally.

Reuse the modules in future scenarios.

How to set MODULAR up in less than 5 minutes?


ANCESTRAL TECH is working with these industry leaders in remote/extreme environments 



El uso de MODULAR nos ha ayudado a aumentar de manera significativa la eficiencia y precision del invernadero, permitiendo obtener información continua y a la mano para la toma de decisiones en nuestros proyectos. Al mismo tiempo, nos ha permitido manejar y modular la data para analisis posteriores y mejoras continuas en puntos críticos para el cultivo.

Henry Cárcamo (CHILE)

Greenhouse and hardening operations

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